Falling energy saving hong road barriers
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Falling energy saving hong road barriers

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      With the rapid development of social economy, the urban scale expands unceasingly, the existing city flood control pipe often can't bear the heavy rain, causing the road was flooded, traffic jams, and even homes were flooded, a serious threat to people's life and property, cause huge economic losses.

  Existing road surface drainage facilities are typically used on the border of pavement and the median interval distance setting, drainage capacity deficiencies shortcomings, and rainwater collection can't directly to use again.

  New guest network to solve the technical problem is: provide a falling energy saving section hong road isolation belt, used to achieve clean air, flood control and drainage section, water and energy saving purpose.

  The utility model technical scheme is that a falling energy saving section hong road barriers, including greening plants 1, 2, 3 median guardrail, non-motor vehicle driveways 4, fertilizer plants, filter layer, geotextile 9, 5 guest net 10, the upper opening pipe 11, motor vehicle, 12, 13 catchment; Described road isolation belt, which lies at the intersection of motor vehicle road 12 and non-motor vehicle lanes 4, 3, the right and left sides of the road barrier containing median guardrail barrier fence between 3 and the ground is equipped with a drain 2, fill out the top of a road barrier described in fertilizer plant growth 5, 5 planting green plants fertilizer plant 1, fertilizer plant growth under 5 for the filter layer, a layer of geotextile filter layer is set below 9, 9 under is equipped with a layer of geotextile lattice guest net 10, lattice bing (below 10 and upper openings pipe connected to one side of the upper opening 11 at the other end of the pipe connected with 13 catchment.

  The entire structure described road barriers by falling below design, road pavement 30 cm.

  Described in the road cross the road along the road barriers direction by 2%.

  Described in the filter layer from top to bottom in turn for the fine sand layer 6, medium sand layer 7, 8 pebble layer.

  A funnel shape described road barriers in cross section.

  Beneficial effects of this utility model is: the isolation belt adopts the design of subsided, cross slope inclination subsided isolation belt, which can realize the function of flood control and drainage cut roads, can to a great extent, alleviate the pressure of city flood control pipe, and through the filtered water, the utility model device has cleaner, can be collected through the lower pipe to a certain place, which can realize recycling, economic and environmental protection.

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