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Network security flexible bar

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      In all kinds of construction and municipal construction projects, such as existing fence or fence, generally adopt rigid materials, even using the flexible material safety net also needs prior to erection of steel pipe support. The fence or barrier in the process of engineering building need frequent build-up and dismantling, because it is temporary measures the construction units themselves, multifarious, failed to be instrumentalized, standard, standardization, failed to create a good "care for life, pay attention to safety production work environment. Another deficiency in conventional engineering barrier is made of rigid material or fence fence because accessories varieties, specifications, demolition In addition to not easy to be recycled, storage, after repeated use performance is poor, cause waste.

  The purpose of this new guardrail is in view of the shortcomings of existing technology and can provide a bear huge impact, can use repeatedly, easy recycling storage security flexible defend the net bar.

  New type of flexible fence column is implemented through the following measures: a safe, flexible defend the net bar, its particular way is: it is composed of several railings, flexible fence; Described railings consist of base and rail, rail welding even with base, described the flexible fence strips, flexible fence mesh on both sides of the main wire and core; Railings described by anchor bolt fixed on the ground, flexible shield on both sides of the main wire fixed to the railings on the stereo.

  Network core is made from plastic coated wire rope to the outer woven, node installation with fixed cross fasteners, wire rope railing column base is composed of the center hole, supporting pieces, railing column height is 1. 0 ~ 1. 5 m, parapet spacing for 1 ~ 2 m.

  Compared with the existing technology, the safety of the newly developed flexible defend the net bar, because of using network core wire rope weaves and into its toughness, elasticity and shock resistance is that other materials do not have, can absorb a variety of collision energy, minimize its brings the unsafe factors and maintain their own sound. Adopted the flexible technology, in particular, at the same time also can save a lot of the cost of warehousing, transportation and daily maintenance, use performance, its economic and social benefits are good.

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