Silicone coated wire gabion cages
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Silicone coated wire gabion cages

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    Silicone stone cage net is to use silicon rubber plastic coated steel wire woven. It is in hebei, Penn hardware wire mesh co., LTD., cooperation with foreign scientific research institutions to develop new products, is now apply for the patent for utility model. Main characteristic is in between galvanized wire and PVC coated with a layer of first ion exchange layer, and then coated with a special glue, make the fused together between PVC and galvanized iron wire, inseparable. Because neither woven extrusion fracture, also won't because of outside temperature change caused by shrinkage and cracks, lengthen service life greatly, especially in seawater, service life is much longer than other products.

  In order to ensure that achieve anticorrosive material fixed number of year, the field detection needs to meet the following requirements for qualified:

  A scene of parking examining: metal wire and plastic shape of close touch, 3 cm at the end of the wire cutting the plastic coated layer, with the hand twisted after pull plastic coated layer of steel wire shall not fall off and loose.

  B on-site review: in any wire end take a cm, with a blade rubber after cutting to the surface of steel wire, rubber not escape or rotation.

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