Slope flexible protection systems and technology
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Slope flexible protection systems and technology

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     Since 1995, when the slope is flexible protection systems technology (flexible shield) is introduced into our country to come, have in many engineering applications, solves the problem of traditional slope protection measures is difficult to solve; Its reliable safety protection and construction of fast comprehensive technical and economic advantages such as standardization and conducive to environmental protection and new and ingenious protection concepts and design ideas to slope flexible protection system has a good promotion prospects.

  In this paper, the slope of SNS flexible protection system of the principle and points, system composition, system design and construction method of content into line system is introduced and discussed, such as slope so as to promote the flexible protection system in our country, is widely used.

  A new type of flexible protection system principle and characteristics of slope

  Slope flexible protection system based on high strength flexible network (diamond steel wire rope mesh, ring network, high strength steel grille) as the main parts, and to cover (active protection) and intercept (passive protection) two basic types of prevention and control of all kinds of slope and slope geological disasters and avalanche, bank slope blunt brush, the harm such as blasting slungshot, falling objects flexible technology and product safety protection system, it is a collection of component design and processing, system configuration design and finalize the design, site selection, site layout and construction design of systematic technology.

  Slope of flexible protection system from the protection principle and the structure can divide for two classes of active protection system and passive protective system.

  1 active protection system

  Active flexible protection system is through the mechanism of fixed in the bolt or support line and prestressing steel rope net of relatively modest, and used as weathering, peeling, or slope collapse and the suppression of tiny particles in protective purpose micro fall or soil erosion by metal grille nets or geogrid, form continuous support of the whole slope. Prestressing operation system of the soil close to slope surface and formed the local should or move or in the event of a tiny bit After moving its bound bound near a in situ prestressed, so as to realize its soft protective function.

  This kind of active prevention and control of the flexible protection system is shallow light open slope protection system of the slope unstability. Due to the openness of the system, free discharge of groundwater, avoided due to the rise of the groundwater pressure contribute to instability of slope; The system except for slope stability has a certain use, also can inhibit further weathering erosion, slope and slope and morphological characteristics do not have special requirements, does not damage and change slope and the original morphology and vegetation growing conditions, its open features for later Or future conditions and needs to be implemented when the artificial slope greening shall be retained the conditions, green plants can free life long on the open space, the solid soil functions of plant roots and blends into slope protection system, thus inhibiting the slope and destruction and soil and water loss, which in turn protects the appearance and slope and vegetation, achieve the best slope protection and environmental protection


  1. 2 passive protection system

  Passive protection system is support with bolt, steel column, such as rope and anchor rope fixed way to wire rope net in the slope, formed on the form of block stone fence mesh, so as to realize flexible intercept a slope of rock fall protection system, the system is a kind of to intercept and stockpiling of rockfall flexible block stone network. With traditional block file structure is the main difference between system's flexibility and strength enough to absorb and disperse expected rockfall impact kinetic energy, that is, from concept, change traditional rigid structure for high strength and soft structure to implement the protective function of the effectiveness of the system.

  Passive protection to the impact of the falling rocks have the comprehensive reference for kinetic energy as the main design parameters, avoid the traditional structure design with load as the main design parameters of impact load is difficult to determine the problem, to realize the quantitative design of structure. At the same time, due to the flexible characteristics of the system has the obvious, make it intercepts high-energy amount of large pieces of rock fall, and can realize structure light-duty, fully embodies the ideas of the flexible protection.

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